To truly live, you’ve got to jump off the cliff everyday, and build your wings on the way down.    –Ray Bradbury

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Barbara tenWolde

A warm welcome to my website!


Humankind has been locked into materialistic, dualistic (right/ wrong, good/ evil, male/ female, rich/ poor, etc.), thinking for far too long, at great suffering and threat to all of mankind and the entire Earth.

Now the Final Hour is upon us. A New Age calls to us, and people, young and old and across the world, are waking up to the realization that we must move on. And that this is the most exciting thing possible. It is what each of us has been waiting for.

A New Age is truly upon us. Consider these statements, which each reflect the energy of this New Age. What do thoughts like these really mean in a practical way in our lives?

  • All are One.
  • “Reality” is not solid. This world is an illusion.
  • Separation from God, the Source of All that Exists, is impossible, it can only be imagined.
  • All time is Now.
  • There are no victims on this earth. Not one! (Kryon)
  • All wisdom and potential of all healing lies within you.
  • It is impossible to resolve a problem at the level of its creation.
  • We must move from the 3rd Dimension, (Newton) to the 5th Dimension (Quantum).
  • The world is holographic; there is consciousness on every level.
  • What does it mean to truly be human?
  • Life means to change; let’s celebrate that.
  • I AM my first responsibility to God.
  • No thought is neutral. Every thought has its form, its electromagnetic construct, and is creative.
  • True and lasting healing (of oneself and of the world) lies in a change of consciousness.
  • To truly resolve my emotional blocks, I must go into them.
  • “All journeys have a secret destination of which the traveler is unaware.” (M. Buber)
  • What is my path to unconditional love?

I have been passionately interested in understanding such concepts on a practical level. And in helping to make the information available, in a user-friendly way, to any who are also interested. I do not pretend to teach the truth, for I have come to know that I do not know what I do not know – and that is vast. For this reason I consider myself a catalyst, to enable others to find their own ways; and at the same time a student, grateful for the gift of others in my life, and all that they teach me.