European School of Healing

As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world as in being able to remake ourselves.     -Mahatma Gandhi


This is a four year course in self-awareness and energy work; approximately 160 class hours in eight weekends per year; 640 total class hours in four years. In addition there are regular assignments in reading, personal journaling, practical application of energetic skills, and tools for working with oneself and others, assignments promoting self awareness and personal growth, and encouragement to receive support from private therapy and complimentary seminars and programs.

The student commits to one year at a time and is responsible for the cost of that year. The cost is € 2160 – € 2400/ year, depending upon the method of payment. A certificate is received at the conclusion of the four years.

Working in the energy field of this school, with others of a like mind, is an experience of going onto the “fast track” of developing one’s own conscious awareness and centered strength, as well as developing skills in reaching out to others in neutral, safe healing space with confidence and skill.

The Institute presents itself on Three Legs:

1) Theory is studied in order to expand our awareness of the Human Experience. Beginning with our physical bodies, we are complex Beings of Energy. In the First Year we look at the theory behind Energywork and develop a working relationship with the First Seven Layers of our Aura Field and the Seven Major Chakras on each layer, our Hara Line, and our Core Essence. We expand our perspective from 3D to 4D and 5D realities, and take a deep look at our experience behind the facades of our personal incarnation.

2) It takes an integrated personality in order to heal ourselves much less another. With this in mind I have made Self-Development a priority in my school. We can only see our clients after we have met and accepted our own creative true Self and grasped the distortions of our personality-vehicle. Personal self-development is an important aspect of protecting the client from the unconscious projections unto them of our own expectations and our unsolved issues and suffering. Energy work is highly sensitive, and it is the responsibility of an energy worker to open a healing space for others with responsibility and integrity. We use the first year to meet our Lower Self (looking at our masks and the different personality structures from Carl Jung and Wilhelm Reich) and Higher Self (reference: Pathwork). We study these through exercises, theory, and energetic body-work.

3) Practical, Hands-on Work involves the use of Earth Energy. We expand our experience of the energy of the human being and the world around us, and learn to manipulate the human energy field through the use of the chelation (opening and balancing the Human Energy Field on all seven Auric Layers). Sensing subtle energies is an highly individual process but the Institute provides you with opportunities to explore new territory within the safe environment of a like-minded community.

Content of the First Year:

Study of the human aura or energetic field: Chakras, seven layers of the auric field – how each affects our lives; the skills of each; exercises to affect each in a supportive manner; how to utilize the powers of each. Balancing the chakras and the Vertical Power Channel; energetic seals of the auric field. A practical understanding of the Holographic Oneness of our universe; the Web of Life.

Earth Energy: Grounding and self-centering; our body vehicle. Consciousness and integrity regarding the handling of one’s own energy. Chelation:  Practice with hands-on healing techniques; the running of earth energy for the purpose of balance and empowering the healing of others.

Integrity and maturation of the personality: The Lower Self–the creation of negative intent, masks and defenses, and how our ego grasps onto them. Intimacy, self-hatred, emotional release work; transference, projection and interaction of defenses; relationship-cord work. The Higher Self–working toward consciously living our lives undefended, and effectively supporting others in becoming more genuine. Neutrality as a healer.

Astral plane: its origin and purpose; astral entities and objects, spirit liberation and implant removal.

Core energetic techniques for release of energetic blockages: Bio-energetic cellular release work: breathing, toning, exercises, using color, rollers, block and batting; dancing.

Integration of the Personality – Personal Transformation

  • Personal self-discovery and awareness vs. expectations and idealization.
  • Developing self-responsibility: integrity, honesty, ownership, intentionality.
  • Strengthening personal relationships: issues of trust, boundaries, betrayal,   victimization, blame, shame, forgiveness, transference, love.
  • Embracing the Shadow Self: self-pride, fear, self-will (masks, defenses); awareness and healing deeply wounded defenses from childhood or previous lifetimes.
  • Empowering the Higher Self: engaging your Objective Observer; the I AM presence (Hara and Core Essence).
  • Discovery of your own unique Path (Soul’s Plan) in life.



Reading required for getting the most out of the First Year:

Your own personal journal for daily reflection
Hands of Light, Barbara Ann Brennan
The Undefended Self, Susan Thesenga
You Can Heal Your Life, Louise L. Hay
Loving What Is, Byron Katie
The Journey, Brandon Bay