About Me


Born in 1944, from my earliest memories I have been a spiritual seeker. This was encouraged as I was growing up with seven siblings in a post-war Quaker family. We were involved in religion and psychology and matters of psychic and social consequence. Much of my young adult search was in the Freedom and Peace Movements in the early 1960s, and involved with the Quakers in a workcamp in Guatemala.

Upon graduating from City College of New York in 1972 (BA degrees in Education and Anthropology), I traveled America and Japan, counseling and educating as a member of a new Christian movement.

Since 1975, I and my husband Dirk have been working on the exciting challenges of marriage life, and we have parented four wonderful children. From 1987, I founded and taught in an alternative elementary school in Alabama for five years.


In 1992, our lives moved to a new place entirely with our initiation into Reiki and Spirit Liberation. We exited organized religion, and since that time Dirk and I have been involved in Healing Work with ourselves and many others, and in giving seminars around America and Europe.

In 1994, I began six years of study with The Northwest School of Healing (with Dr. Alima Pat Hamilton, a student of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, Pathwork, Core Energetics, Spirit Liberation, and Rebirthing). I have also been involved for some years with the esoteric mystery school Builders of the Adytum.

In 2001, I was drawn to Austria where I founded the Institut für Energiekörperarbeit, a four-year school of self-actualization and hands-on energy work in the traditions of Northwest School of Healing. I have now graduated my 9th class. I also give individual seminars and personal, hands-on, self-empowerment sessions.

Life is Good!

Barbara tenWolde