Each session is in the hands of your immediate Intent and the guidance of your Soul-Self or Higher Self. Thus we have learned to have no expectations and go with the flow, being as open and available as possible, with all our current energetic skills, as our contribution to your healing space.

During the course of a 1–2 hour hands-on healing session, I use Reiki and Earth Energy, to open and align your chakras and the seven to nine Layers of your Energy Field, your Hara Line and your Core Star Essence.

Each dimension of your Being has a unique role and set of issues in your life; thus ANY issue may present itself for healing in any manner.

A Session may include:

  • clearing. energizing and restructuring of chakras and their issues
  • removal of implants or soul attachments
  • psychic surgery or organ transplant
  • clearing, resolving or re-positioning relationship cords
  • clearing and enhancing grounding
  • inner child work and soul retrieval
  • Higher Self connection and perspectives
  • Hara work regarding one’s Soul Plan for this life
  • embrace of Lower Self and perspectives of its purposes in one’s life
  • work with embedded thought forms causing addictions
  • unresolved past life issues connected to immediate concerns
  • curses and unresolved ancestral issues



I am available for Distance Healing at an agreed upon time, or with your presence via telephone, skype or email.

In the Quantum Field, there is no time or space. Thus, by Intent, I can connect to your ‘field’ and send energy and awareness to any concerns you may have.

The work may involve any issues covered by a Hands-on session, or issues regarding locations (homes,accident-prone areas, business issues, etc), or events: up-coming or past.



Much like people, property and possessions build a history in their fields. These can be powerful in positive or in destructive ways.

A propensity of accidents, illness or emotional or relational challenges connected to property, can be worked with and cleared.

Property can also be affected by Earth Lines (ley, water, magnetic). Some can be cleared, repositioned or neutralized, some simply need to be identified and “lived around”. I work best at general clearing and liberating property of spirit entities, heavy histories, or curses.



Clearing May Be Done On:

  • home or property
  • business
  • animals
  • accident-prone area (property, highway, building)
  • possessions (jewelry, furniture, vehicle)


Special moments in our lives are deepened and enhanced by ceremony. In the past much of this has been in the hands of established religions but in the current environment of rising energies, more and more people are looking for personalized moments of ceremony, often shamanically.


These ceremonies are planned together with you.



Suggested Ceremonies:

  • marriage
  • reaffirmation of marriage
  • divorce
  • birth or inception
  • death
  • graduation